Gambling Statistics From All Over The World

Gambling Statistics From All Over The World. We all have the idea that many people like to bet. However, you will be surprised to learn the total number of people involved in the betting activity and this number is growing at a good pace due to the growing popularity of online gambling over the past two decades. Let’s try to understand the scope of the world of modern gaming.

Trying to know exactly how many people around the world are involved in betting is simply impossible. So, do not get involved in what’s out of reach. In this article we will discuss statistics of online games.


Online game statistics

Online gambling or the world of online gambling is relatively new and its regulations vary from authority to authority, as are reports. With this, we can say that finding authentic game statistics can be a very difficult task, although data communication technology is improving every year.

In 2013, a survey conducted by a gaming data research institute and a research institute revealed a great deal of information about people who gamble online and about their tendency to gamble. But the most striking finding in the report is that 57{7f0f86ce3bc08194f9726b20a307fe445cdee0238de17e66c2d36949eed75049} of online gamers in the United States are women, which is just the opposite of our expectations. It should be mentioned that these statistics also include social casino games that are obviously not real money. In addition, the survey also revealed that about 40{7f0f86ce3bc08194f9726b20a307fe445cdee0238de17e66c2d36949eed75049} of players tend to be young and between the ages of 21 and 34.

Growth and size of online betting

Other countries have taken initiatives to measure the growth and size of online betting. In the United Kingdom, a survey was conducted in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, which found that over 11{7f0f86ce3bc08194f9726b20a307fe445cdee0238de17e66c2d36949eed75049} of Britons had actively participated in “remote games” over a four-week period. These gambling statistics are significantly more numerous than those who have participated in the gaming market in recent years. In 2012, the size of the online gambling market in the United Kingdom was set at 2.28 billion, or 1 billion more than in 2008.

Mobile gaming increasing

Last but not least, the trend of mobile gaming is also increasing, especially in just ten years. In 2012, the UK number revealed that mobile bets have increased 75{7f0f86ce3bc08194f9726b20a307fe445cdee0238de17e66c2d36949eed75049} year after year, accounting for more than 25{7f0f86ce3bc08194f9726b20a307fe445cdee0238de17e66c2d36949eed75049} of all online gaming related searches. This will not be a surprising factor if I say that experts from many industries think that in 5 to 10 years, smart devices will become a major source of online gambling for people staying in different parts of the world.


Online gambling statistics indicate that the number of people worldwide participating in online gambling such as at situs poker online is increasing at an accelerated rate. In fact, smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets are becoming a major source of online games.