Gambling Statistics From All Over The World

We all have the idea that many people like to bet. However, you will be surprised to learn the total number of people involved in the betting activity and this number is growing at a good pace due to the growing popularity of online gambling over the past two decades. Let’s try to understand the scope of the world of modern gaming.

Trying to know exactly how many people around the world are involved in betting is simply impossible. So, do not get involved in what’s out of reach. In this article we will discuss statistics of online games.


Online game statistics

Online gambling or the world of online gambling is relatively new and its regulations vary from authority to authority, as are reports. With this, we can say that finding authentic game statistics can be a very difficult task, although data communication technology is improving every year.

In 2013, a survey conducted by a gaming data research institute and a research institute revealed a great deal of information about people who gamble online and about their tendency to gamble. But the most striking finding in the report is that 57% of online gamers in the United States are women, which is just the opposite of our expectations. It should be mentioned that these statistics also include social casino games that are obviously not real money. In addition, the survey also revealed that about 40% of players tend to be young and between the ages of 21 and 34.

Growth and size of online betting

Other countries have taken initiatives to measure the growth and size of online betting. In the United Kingdom, a survey was conducted in 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, which found that over 11% of Britons had actively participated in “remote games” over a four-week period. These gambling statistics are significantly more numerous than those who have participated in the gaming market in recent years. In 2012, the size of the online gambling market in the United Kingdom was set at 2.28 billion, or 1 billion more than in 2008.

Mobile gaming increasing

Last but not least, the trend of mobile gaming is also increasing, especially in just ten years. In 2012, the UK number revealed that mobile bets have increased 75% year after year, accounting for more than 25% of all online gaming related searches. This will not be a surprising factor if I say that experts from many industries think that in 5 to 10 years, smart devices will become a major source of online gambling for people staying in different parts of the world.


Online gambling statistics indicate that the number of people worldwide participating in online gambling such as at is increasing at an accelerated rate. In fact, smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets are becoming a major source of online games.

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How to Know a Rogue Online Casino

The web has a lot to offer. One of them is the online casinos. As many people know, online gambling is one of the most sought-after entertainments on the Internet. And if you’re just a rookie of the virtual game, you’ll be drawn to the flashy lights and the huge bonuses they offer. This move can be very risky because many casino sites do not comply with their promises.


The best online casino sites do not only have the web

 Rogue Casino also browses the Web, waiting for its victims. You must always remember that online casinos can be copied or reproduced easily. Web designers are now wrapped up with incredible knowledge about it. They can copy the original site of the web design casino to some details. Therefore, it is not easy to distinguish who is the one who is simply looking away. You must be smart enough before making a move or a deal with a casino.

One of the best ways to better know if an online casino is fake or not, read and collect a lot of information on the casino site. This will help you make the right decisions. The simple movement of reading will move you away from the dishonest casino. There are gaming forums, blogs and portals that offer detailed and unbiased reviews of online casinos.

The About the Casino page is the first thing to see

Although many players ignore this page, online players should not lose it. The page contains important information about them, such as the software they use, the financial transactions they have, and more.

Do not trust what you see, it can be wrong

The incredible offers and big boats are not always true. Rogue casinos will give you all the reasons why you should register. For some players, it will be a difficult decision if they want to play or not, especially if they are attracted by the charm of their offers. Therefore, before deciding to bet on a certain betting site, seek your approval from gaming organizations and the stamp must be updated.

After consulting the tips above and decided to play and bet, make sure your computer is in good condition to download the necessary files because some online games do not have an instant gaming version.

And if they have the non-downloadable version, it would be best if they first try their free games. The best online casinos offer free casino games to their players. It’s a way of knowing if your games are perfectly launched. Always win in your free games is another trick to sign up for them.

Dishonest online casinos are webcast. Knowing what is wrong or not is easy to distinguish. Just read to get the right equipment for a safe online game such as